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Help Support Clover

This sweet girl is Clover and she is our newest dog intake. She is a stray who is currently suffering from a back leg injury. Clover arrived on Sunday, March 21st with a very evident limp on her hind end. After closely examining her, we noticed swelling near her knee and Peace River Vet was able to get her in Monday, March 22nd. As suspected, she does have an injury, and after closely examining her x-rays, Peace River Vet has confirmed that the injury is most likely a result of a gunshot wound that was not vetted and left to heal incorrectly. Unfortunately, they are unable to correct her leg, and without treatment her leg will not fully heal, so they have opted for the best choice for Clover which is to perform a hind leg amputation. On top of Clover’s leg, we are also treating Clover for gastrointestinal bacterial infection and she is on pain medication to keep her comfortable until she is healthy enough to withstand anesthesia for the amputation.

Clover is still happy as ever knowing she has all the right care and is on track to recovery. A big thank you to our partnered vet for taking such great care of Clover. Without Veterinary partners such as Peace River Vet, we wouldn’t be able to offer this girl the help she requires! For Clover’s surgery and aftercare, it will be approximately $1000 or more. Donations towards her medical bills would be greatly appreciated. We're currently seeking donations to cover Clover's expenses. Tax receipts can be issued for donations of $20 or more, just add your full name and address in the memo, as well, add ‘Clover’s Surgery’ so we can add it to her funds!

Please keep Clover in your prayers as she is on the road to recovery. Stayed tuned for updates.

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