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Mighty Peace Veterinary Clinic Extends Spay & Neuter Event

Between the beginning of January and February 15th, Mighty Peace Vet Clinic has spayed 29 Canines and 70 Felines and neutered 32 Canines and 81 Felines. Well done Peace Country!! That's 212 animals who will no longer be adding to the problem of animal overpopulation! Dr. Tara and her staff and so happy with the results so far, that they have decided to continue celebrating by extending their Spay/Neuter event into March!! How awesome is that?? 25% off regular price spays and neuters will continue into March, you won't want to miss this sweet deal. Call 780-332-1883 to book today. Thank you Dr. Tara and Team for all the wonderful work!

Also, don't forget about their year-long Anniversary Promotion:

Everyone who comes into the Mighty Peace Veterinary Clinic during the week for an appointment will have the opportunity to enter their name in a draw. The winner of the weekly draw will receive a Gift Certificate for $25 off of their next annual canine or feline vaccination. In addition, we will make a donation of $25 to the local rescue of the winner’s choice. The draw will be made every Friday at 4 pm, with the winners contacted by phone

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